What Life May Be


In June 1896 we were married, and I began to learn what life may be.

Beatrice Bateson, Memoir

Between the years 1895 and 1899 the reorientation of Bateson's life took many paths apart from the controversies of the previous chapter. While firing off missives to Nature and shuttling to London for committee and lobbying activities, contact with Beatrice was re-established, a residence was found both for their own offspring and those of numerous moths, butterflies and fowl, and there were the unending controversies associated with college and university politics. Moreover, family responsibilities made necessary a better income. Should Bateson relinquish Cambridge for the Secretaryship of the Zoological Society?

Mrs. Herringham

While his anti-Darwinian position won little favor among scientists, Materials, Bateson's catalogue of deformities and monstrosities, greatly interested physicians and horticulturalists who were to prove staunch allies in the years ahead. Notable among these was the...


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