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While mistakes of a factual nature in scientific results or theories are rapidly corrected, those concerning the historical development … may remain unchallenged for more than a century. Such mistakes are seldom corrected by the scientific historian, who has only a bird's-eye view of the development of the subject and often does not realize their importance. The task of correction thus falls to the scientist.

David Keilin [1]

In Evolution, Old and New the “scientist” Samuel Butler quoted extensively from the appendix of Patrick Mathew's 1831 book on Naval Timber and Arboriculture which proposed evolution by natural selection [2]. Mathew's book in Bateson's library at the John Innes Institute is inscribed “W. Bateson, 1925,” suggesting a relatively late interest. Bateson's papers contain a quote from an 1832 review of the book in Gardener's Magazine:

An appendix of 29 pages concludes the book … . This may be truly termed, in a double sense, an extraordinary part of the book. One of the...


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