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The term controversial is conveniently used by those who are wrong to apply to the persons who correct them.

Bateson to Hurst (Feb. 2, 1907)

It is one thing to be buried and forgotten. It is another to be buried and have people come from far afield to stamp on your grave. Bateson's work, rather than being ignored, was actively deprecated both by those who had been his contemporaries and by those who came after. Those who, either professed to have read and understood Bateson, or to have read those who professed to have done so, came in profusion to bash our fallen hero. We are now in a position to determine whether, and if so to what extent, his “bad press” was justified. I conclude that, as in the cases of Butler and Romanes, he was misunderstood because the facts of evolution were misunderstood. Koestler with The Midwife Toadwas not alone in his misrepresentations. But whereas Koestler had his amateur status as shield, the professional scientists who from their high-ground...


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