Degrees for Women

  • Alan Cock

Though Bateson was deeply interested in the broader aspects of social and political questions … some half a dozen essays are all that he has left us. But their weight is out of all proportion to their bulk, for they are the fearless pronouncement on human society as he found it by one of the most clear-sighted and critical minds of the age.

R. C. Punnett [1]

William Henry Bateson had been more prominent as a university politician and administrator than as a teacher or a scholar. His son William never became involved to the same extent. All the same, he did take an active part in affairs, both at college and at university level; probably more than the average Cambridge don of his day. He was Steward of his college from 1892 to 1908. At university level he was prominently involved in the two major controversies of the period: those over degrees for women and over the retention of compulsory Greek in the Previous Examination. Each of these was not just a single campaign culminating in a...


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