True greatness wears an invisible cloak, under cover of which it goes in and out among men without being suspected. … What then … is the good of being great? The answer is that you may understand greatness better in others, whether alive or dead, and choose better company from these, and enjoy and understand that company better when you have chosen it – also that you may give pleasure to the best people and live in the lives of those who are yet unborn.

Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh

Mendel's sister gave up part of her dowry to assist his early education. Mendel was later able to help with the education of her sons. Ferdinand and Alois Schindler were delighted when their uncle's work was recognized. Ferdinand wrote to Bateson (Aug. 30, 1902):

You may be surprised to hear that your excellent work ‘Mendel's Principles of Heredity’ came to the hands of a simple country physician who read … it with the greatest interest and pleasure. … He died Abbot Mendel, was a man of liberal...


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