From Virginia to the Aral Sea (1883–1889)


If it is true, in each egg, all the functions and faculties of a definite mature animal lie hidden, without any corresponding organs, must we not regard heredity as a mystery too great for solution?

William Brooks 1883 [1]

When Foster went from London to Cambridge in 1870 he took with him Henry Martin whose prowess had become evident soon after he entered University College at the age of 16. In the Natural Sciences Tripos of 1873, Martin took first place ahead of Francis Balfour. Martin then stayed on at Cambridge, while Balfour spent several months at Anton Dohrn's new Statione Zoologica in Naples, where marine life forms were readily available. In 1876 Martin was appointed by Daniel Gilman (see Chapter 9) to the Chair of Biology at the newly established Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Paralleling the division of labour between Foster and Balfour at Cambridge, at Johns Hopkins Martin was primarily engaged in physiology research, with his assistant, William K. Brooks, acting as...


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