Limits Undetermined (1923–1926)


I never had an argument with him – and I had many – without the absolute conviction that he would no more hesitate to admit himself in the wrong if I could convince him, than to tell me that I was talking nonsense if, as was more usual, I failed to do so.

J. B. S. Haldane [1]

Knowledge of limits can help a decision between alternative scenarios. If limits are undetermined few scenarios can be dismissed. When the age of the earth was construed in thousands of years divine creation appeared plausible, but when construed in billions, Darwinian evolution came into its own. In his dotage Bateson continued to insist that there might be an irreducible “base” or “residue,” of unknown extent, that might be beyond the limits of conventional Mendelian analysis.

Major Hurst

The war had increased support for research on home-grown foods, which included poultry products. Since new born chicks were half male and half female, an easy method of sexing chicks appeared advantageous. Enter genetics....


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