My Respectful Homage (1920–1922)


I am to be in Canada and U.S.A. for a few weeks at Christmas. Great hopes of my conversion are entertained … in certain quarters.

Bateson to Julian Huxley (Oct. 20, 1921)

Honorary degrees from universities and honorary memberships of foreign learned societies flowed in. The RS conferred the Royal Medal in 1920. The new generation that had learned Mendelism as part of the accepted wisdom of its time, looked to Bateson for guidance. He kept them on their toes. Julian Huxley's inductions were not permitted to stray beyond the facts merely to make the tale simpler. John Haldane had to iron out the ambiguities in his famous “rule” paper. Sewall Wright's breakfast musings caused an explosion. But the new generation that had arisen around Morgan in the West continued to keep Bateson on his toes. To it a respectful, but qualified, homage was due.

Genetical Society

A major forum for the meeting of the generations was the Genetical Society. Largely at the instigation of Saunders, the Society got...


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