Passages (1910–1914)


I am not one of those who have traveled along a set road towards an end that I have foreseen and desired to reach. … Nevertheless, I have strayed into no field in which I have not found a flower that was worth the finding.

Samuel Butler [1]

After forty nine years in Cambridge it was time to move on – a physical move and a move into a more public arena. Bateson was now not just on-stage, he was center-stage – an elder statesman of science. The multitude that had flocked to Grantchester now flocked to the John Innes Institute at Merton in Surrey – his court, his Camelot! It was also time to declare enough regarding the cataloging of more and more examples of species demonstrating Mendelian inheritance. The Mendelian battle was won. The species question remained. Perhaps a look at the many “exceptions” that he had always advised should be “treasured” – might provide the vital clue? Perhaps this was the time to examine more thoroughly the many strange rogue, chimaeric, and variegated...


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