On Course (1907–1908)


In many well regulated occupations there are persons known as ‘knockers-up,’ whose thankless task is to rouse others from their slumber. … If I have knocked a trifle loud, it is because there is a need.

William Bateson, Defence

He had knocked hard, some thought too hard, but certainly hard enough to attract attention. Many liked what they heard, and wanted more. As word of Bateson's impending Silliman Lectures spread, invitations flooded in and the scope of his impending visit expanded. Davenport knew what needed to be said (Jan. 3, 1907): “I feel that very much of the future of our science depends upon your attendance.” Thus, it came about that one July day in 1907 Bateson was at Liverpool docks boarding the Carmenia for New York. There was no need to wait for a favorable wind. Sail had long given way to steam. Bateson was no longer in irons. He was back on course.


But the events of 1906 had taken their toll. Bateson's schedule for the first part of 1907 appears less stressful....


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