The Greenwich and Paris Meridians in the Space Age

  • Paul Murdin

As the viewing conditions worsened in London, meridian observations at the observatory in Greenwich ceased and the instruments relocated to the country village of Herstmonceux in Sussex after the Second World War. The Greenwich meridian did not pass through Herstmonceux and observations made there of stars passing overhead were corrected to the Greenwich Meridian as if made at Greenwich. Even these telescopes were progressively shut down during the second half of the twentieth century as the observing conditions deteriorated even in the countryside in the United Kingdom and better conditions were found on distant, foreign mountains. The Greenwich Meridian was maintained only as a fictitious artifact deduced from telescopes all over the world.

The calculations by which the telescopic observations were combined were carried out at the Bureau International de l'Heure (BIH), established in 1920 at the Paris Observatory as the result of an agreement reached by an international conference in...


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