Twentieth Colorado Mathematical Olympiad: April 18, 2003

  • Alexander Soifer


In December 2002 I left my home in Colorado Springs to serve as a Long Term Visiting Scholar at The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS), a joint project of Princeton University, Rutgers University, and a few top research industrial labs), and as a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University’s Mathematics Department. It was a privilege to work in the historic Fine Hall of Princeton-Math, and to befriend senior legendary colleagues, such as Harold W. Kuhn (who nominated the “Beautiful Mind” John Nash for the 1994 Nobel Prize), Edward Nelson (creator of the chromatic number of the plane problem), John H. Conway, Yakov and Elena Sinai, Robert Gunning, the great historian of science Charles Coulston Gillispie, pre-Columbian and ancient art expert and collector Gillette Griffin (in his house, I got to hold inmy hands a torso byMichelangelo and drink wine out of fifth century BC ancient Greek cups). I gave talks at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton-Math, Rutgers-Math, Claude Shannon Laboratory of AT&T.


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