Tenth Colorado Mathematical Olympiad: April 23, 1993

  • Alexander Soifer


A unique sponsor joined the Olympiad this year: the United States Space Command (USSC) and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). General Charles A. Horner awarded certificates to the winners of first through fourth prizes, and invited them (plus Sharon Sherman, the Olympiad Administrator, and I) for a tour of NORAD inside Cheyenne Mountain. NORAD proved to be a no joking matter with the banner “Use of Deadly Force Authorized” above the entrance and an underground labyrinth beyond. It was a unique experience for everyone to see the brain of the defense of North America, which also monitors the space near the Earth. We sat at the huge table in the command room where all critical decisions are made with the NORAD commander on duty, the Canadian Air Force Brigadier-General J. C. M. Robért patiently and humorously answering our many questions. I told him that his exciting job may have some drawbacks. Would he be allowed, for example, to visit France today? “Oh yes,” he replied, “but tomorrow at 700 hours (i.e., 7 in the morning) I will have to be back here on the job.”


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