Related Problems of the Vocational Qualification Standard for Online Financial Marketing

  • Haijun Zhao
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The prosperity of the Chinese financial market and the development of financial information technology have given rise to a new occupation, “online financial marketing”. However, in our higher education, no special course system for “online financial marketing” has been set up, and our vocational education also lacks a set of scientific vocational qualification standard for “online financial marketing”. This paper attempts to solve this problem. On the basis of analyzing the scientific connotation, vocational category and social demand of “online financial marketing” and defining the principles for formulating the vocational qualification standard for “online financial marketing”, this paper puts forward the basic framework of the vocational qualification standard for “online financial marketing”.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Guangdong University of Business Studies, and Secretary-General of China Electronic Commerce Association Securities InformationBroadcast CommitteeChina

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