ISEKI-Food: Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledge into Food Studies Towards European Sustainable Development

  • C. L. M. Silva
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Part of the Food Engineering series book series (FSES)

: European curricula in food science and engineering (taking into account the following degrees: bachelor, higher diploma, master, Ph.D., post-graduate and continuing education) are very diverse. There are, for example, backgrounds with a stronger component in science, others in engineering, and a three year BSc duration followed by two years of master or higher diploma courses, etc. Although this diversity has a positive value in terms of the variety of the backgrounds and types of teaching materials available, it also causes a problem in terms of the recognition of the degrees, which is not the same in all countries.

The analysis of the curricula in Europe was studied by the Socrates Thematic Network—FOODNET—Food Studies in Europe (Project n°. 55792-CP-3-00- FR-ERASMUS-ETN), in which a database was prepared, available on the web site Although a large diversity of backgrounds is offered, there is a big lack in terms of the knowledge of safety aspects, particularly consumer public health and environment; backgrounds on renewal resources are almost unavailable in the majority of the institutions offering diplomas in food science and engineering.

The main objectives of the ISEKI-Food project (104934-CP-1-2002-1-PTERASMUS- TN, 104934-CP-2-2003-1-PT-ERASMUS-TN, 104934-CP-3-2004- 1-PT-ERASMUS-TN) were to contribute to the studies in food science and engineering in Europe, and to develop and adapt the curricula to include safety and environmental topics.


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