Quantum Electrodynamics. Again Minimum Calculations

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  1. We put the velocity of light c equal to 1.Google Scholar
  2. The calculation presented below was performed for the first time by N.B. Narozhny (1979).Google Scholar
  3. In this and two next subsections we follow the work by I. B. Khriplovich, A. I. Milshtein, A. S. Yelkhovsky (1994).Google Scholar
  4. Let us recall that once this coincidence proved to be extremely important for the correct interpretation of the Rutherford experiments and for the creation of quantum mechanics.Google Scholar
  5. Let us note that for a charged scalar particle the corresponding ground state energy is\(E = mc^2 \sqrt{1/2 + \sqrt{1/4-(Ze^2/\hbar c)^2}}.\)Google Scholar
  6. The discussion of this problem looks proper since from time to time, at least in folklore, one comes across absolutely absurd attempts to explain this ratio.Google Scholar

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