CN is an 18-year-old man who was noted by his parents to “blink excessively” on the left side. He stated that he had only a slight vague discomfort on that side and was not certain why he was repetitively blinking. A-scan examination revealed a lacrimal gland enlarged to 15.35 mm on the left versus 13.2 mm on the right (Fig. 119). It had a medium reflective area and was mildly tender to compression by the probe. He was diagnosed with dacryoadenitis and given a course of antibiotics with resolution of his symptoms over several weeks, although repeat echography revealed slight residual thickening of the gland of 14.4 mm. He was instructed to return for follow-up in 4 months.


Public Health Inflammatory Cell Lacrimal Gland Mild Case Echographic Evaluation 

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