Lens in Anterior Chamber

GQ is a 45-year-old Peruvian man who was hit in the right eye with a fist the previous week. He had been intoxicated and had not realized the severity of his injury until several days later. The vision in that eye was cloudy and became increasingly painful over the next several days. He presented at a local outreach clinic manned every other week by ophthalmology residents in fulfillment of their requirements to work in rural areas during their training. The patient was examined and found to have vision in the right eye of counting fingers at 1 m and OS of 20/30. Intraocular pressure was 55 mm OD and 18 mm OS by Schiotz tonometry. External examination with a portable slit lamp showed 3+ corneal edema. He was diagnosed with closed angle glaucoma and given pilocarpine eye drops to use four times a day. He returned the next day without any improvement and increased pain in the eye. He was told nothing could be done except to remove the eye.


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