Epithelial Cyst of Posterior Capsule

JE is a 43-year-old man who was born with congenital cataracts. He underwent bilateral lens needling procedures as a teenager. He had vision in the 20/80 range in both eyes until a few months before presentation to an ophthalmologist with complaints of a reduction of vision in his right eye. Examination showed vision of 20/100 in that eye and 20/80 in the left eye. The pupils were under 3 mm, updrawn, and minimally reactive to direct light. Slit-lamp examination showed a bulge in the temporal iris with the appearance of a pigmented mass on transillumination. The posterior pole could be visualized on fundus examination but the peripheral retina and ciliary body could not be seen.


Ciliary Body Posterior Capsule Congenital Cataract Epithelial Cyst Cataractous Lens 
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