Nevus Transforming to Melanoma

DF is a 56-year-old man who complained of slight visual distortion in his right eye on presentation to his optometrist. Examination showed visual acuity of 20/20-2 in that eye and 20/20 in his left eye. The anterior segment examination was normal but fundus examination showed a lightly pigmented submacular lesion. Fluorescein angiography was ordered and the lesion demonstrated initial hypofluorescence with delayed spotty leakage and staining. Echography was performed and displayed a high reflective lesion measuring 1.11 mm in thickness and just under 5 mm in basal diameter. The patient was seen a year later with no change in symptoms or echographic findings.


Visual Acuity Fluorescein Angiography Basal Diameter Echographic Finding Fundus Examination 
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