MB is a 25-year-old woman who complained of intermittent aching pain around her left eye over a period of several weeks. Examination was unremarkable with only slight tenderness to palpation of the left superior orbit. A CT scan had been ordered by her primary care doctor and was read as normal by the radiologist. A-scan was performed by the ophthalmologist and demonstrated thickening of the left lacrimal gland of 15.45 mm compared to a normal measurement of 13.2 mm for the right gland. Internal reflectivity was medium reflective compared to the higher reflectivity of the right lacrimal gland (Fig. 17). These findings were most consistent with a low-grade dacryoadenitis and she was given a 2-week course of oral antibiotics with resolution of her symptoms. Remeasurement by A-scan showed reduction in size of the gland to 14.3 mm.


Optic Nerve Optic Disc Optic Nerve Head Internal Reflectivity Lacrimal Gland 
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