Ciliary Body Melanoma

EO is a 75-year-old woman who underwent uncomplicated cataract removal with intraocular lens implantation on her left eye followed a month later by surgery on her right eye. On her first postoperative visit, she was told that the lens in the right eye was “a little tilted” but this did not represent a problem. She felt that this eye never saw as well as the opposite eye and she saw distorted images to the right periphery of her vision. One year later, she experienced flashes and floaters in the right eye and was evaluated by her ophthalmologist. He noted the IOL tilt had increased and incidentally diagnosed a posterior vitreous detachment. She dilated poorly and he could not see the temporal peripheral retina well and referred her to a retinal specialist who thought he could just make out a dark shadow in the peripheral temporal fundus. She was referred for echography.


Retinal Ganglion Cell Distorted Image Posterior Vitreous Detachment Body Tumor Cone Photoreceptor 
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