Aspects of Design of Bioreactors in SSF

  • Giovanni Giovannozzi Sermanni
  • Nicola Tiso


It is well known that the solid-state fermentation (SSF) is a new technology with which antibiotics, enzymes, fine chemicals can be obtained by new bioprocesses with improved efficiency (Giovannozzi-Sermanni & Porri 1989; Pandey et al., 2000) if compared to the classical submerged fermentations. SSF processes can be defined as “the growth of microorganisms, mainly fungi, on moist solid materials in the absence of free-flowing water”(Cannel & Moo-Young 1980). In the last few decades SSF has grown quickly in interest and importance and has been used for the production of antibiotics, alkaloids, aroma compounds, plant growth factors, enzymes, biofuel, and also for the bioremediation of polluting compounds.


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