Many applications depend on representations that consist of sets of constraints. The constraints might represent limits on the amount of radiation that healthy and diseased tissue must receive when planning a course of radiation treatment (Sec. 11.1), the minimum levels of signal strength needed for digital video broadcasting (Sec. 11.3), restrictions on the questions drawn from a test bank (Sec. 11.4), etc. When the constraints conflict, common questions concern the cause of the conflict (Chap. 6), the maximum set of constraints that can be satisfied simultaneously (Chap. 7), or the smallest fix for the constraints (Chap. 8). This chapter briefly surveys some of the many specific applications that have arisen in recent years as effective techniques for the analysis of infeasibility have become available. Even more applications are sure to be discovered soon as more researchers become aware of these tools: why not add your own applications to the list?


Linear Inequality Digital Video Broadcasting Piecewise Linear Model Binary Linear Program Decoy Structure 
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