Rod Progenitor Cells in the Mature Zebrafish Retina

  • Ann C. Morris
  • Tamera Scholz
  • James M. Fadool
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 613)

In mammals, neuronal cell death during retinal degenerative diseases or following acute retinal injury often leads to irreversible visual impairment because, as is true for most regions of the adult central nervous system, the mammalian retina harbors little capacity for regeneration. In contrast, the neural retinas of urodele amphibians and teleost fishes show remarkable regenerative ability in response to many types of experimental damage. In teleost fishes, retinal regeneration is mediated in part by the proliferation of a specialized population of cells called the rod progenitor cells. These cells possess some of the properties characteristic of transit amplifying cells, such as steady-state proliferation and a commitment to the rod photoreceptor cell fate. However, these cells are also able to respond to rod photoreceptor damage by increasing their rate of proliferation.


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