Data on national Health Information Activities have been collected in two ways. The country profile sheets provide a summary on health reporting for each country within the geographical coverage of this report. Project data on individual Health Information Activities have been entered into a project database and serve as national examples in this report.

In the country profile sheets, partners were asked to provide a general overview on Health Information Activities carried out on a national and regional level. Furthermore, they were requested to include institutions involved in health reporting and to outline any fundamental changes that took place in health reporting during the reporting period 1990–2006. Some examples of Health Information Activities were also included. All partners were encouraged to contact the main partner in case clarification on any open issue was required.

The country profile sheets reflect the multitude of activities and differences among EU member states, the European Economic Area and candidate countries. Factors, such as country size, constitutional and institutional structure influence health reporting activities. In some countries, Health Information Activities are exclusively carried out on a regional basis, whereas in other countries there are national activities. The size of the regions varies to a considerable extent among countries and in some cases even includes municipal level. In Turkey, for example, municipally administered health authorities report data to the Turkish Ministry of Health. However, the data are not reported back to municipal level.


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