Background and Purpose

Analysing people’s health and reporting on health have become increasingly important for a large number of EU Member States. Health reporting is defined as “a system of different products and measures aiming at creating knowledge and awareness of important Public Health problems and their determinants (in different population groups) among policy makers and others involved in organisations that can influence the health of a population.” [6] Health reporting systems are intended to monitor the status of health, health behaviour, and risk factors as well as the health care system at national level. Politicians, scientists, and stakeholders are thus offered an information background. Accordingly, effective health monitoring is an important instrument for health policy decisions and support for national health policy. Furthermore, it can lead to the identification of health data needs and health research priorities.

In the past, the European Commission has supported several activities to measure health in Europe and to implement a unique and comparable health monitoring system at the level of the European Union that allows for the measurement of health status, trends, and determinants throughout the community. First steps have been taken, but to ensure that health monitoring fulfils these functions at a national as well as at international level, future efforts are necessary.


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