Signal Processing Methods for Doppler Radar Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Anders Høst-Madsen
  • Nicolas Petrochilos
  • Olga Boric-Lubecke
  • Victor M. Lubecke
  • Byung-Kwon Park
  • Qin Zhou

A practical means for unobtrusive and ubiquitous detection and monitoring of heart and respiration activity from a distance could be a powerful tool for health care, emergency, and surveillance applications, yet remains a largely unrealized goal. Without the need for contact or subject preparation (special clothing, attachments, etc.), this could better extend health monitoring to the chronically ill in routine life, allow wellness monitoring for a large population without known predisposition for risk or harm, and provide alarm and data in emergencies. Such technology could also be used to detect lost or hidden subjects, to help assess emotional state, and to compliment more cumbersome measurements as pre-screening. Doppler radar remote sensing of vital signs has shown promise to this end, with proof of concept demonstrated for various applications. Unfortunately, this principle has not been developed to the level of practical application, mainly due to a lack of an effective way to isolate desired target motion from interference. However, by leveraging recent advances in signal processing and wireless communications technologies, this technique has the potential to transcend mere novelty and make a profound impact on health and welfare in society.


Heart Rate Variability Multiple Input Multiple Output Independent Component Analysis Blind Source Separation Doppler Radar 
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  • Anders Høst-Madsen
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  • Nicolas Petrochilos
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  • Olga Boric-Lubecke
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  • Victor M. Lubecke
    • 1
  • Byung-Kwon Park
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  • Qin Zhou
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  1. 1.University of HawaiiHonoluluUSA
  2. 2.Broadcom Inc.USA

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