Micromechanics of Composites

  • Krishan K. Chawla


In this chapter we consider the results of incorporating a reinforcement (fibers, whiskers, particles, etc.) in a matrix to make a composite. It is of great importance to be able to predict the properties of a composite, given the properties of the components and the geometric arrangement of the components in the composite. We examine various micromechanical aspects of composites. A particularly simple case is the rule-of-mixtures, a rough tool that considers the composite properties as volume-weighted averages of the component properties. It is important to realize that the rule-of-mixtures works in only certain simple situations. Composite density is an example where the rule-of-mixtures is applied readily. In the case of mechanical properties, there are certain restrictions to its applicability. When more precise information is desired, it is better to use more sophisticated approaches based on the theory of elasticity.


Elastic Constant Fiber Length Particulate Composite Load Transfer Fiber Volume Fraction 
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