Semiconducting Polythiophenes for Field-Effect Transistor Devices in Flexible Electronics: Synthesis and Structure Property Relationships

  • Martin Heeney
  • Iain McCulloch
Part of the Electronic Materials: Science & Technology book series (EMST, volume 11)


Interest in the field of organic electronics has burgeoned over the last 10 years, as the continuing improvement in performance has transitioned the technology from an academic curiosity to the focus of intense industrial and academic research. Much of this interest is driven by the belief that organic materials will be readily amenable to low-cost, large-area deposition techniques, enabling both significant cost savings and the ability to pattern flexible substrates with active electronics. Potential applications include thin-film transistor (TFT) backplanes for a variety of display modes including active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs), flexible displays such as e-paper, disposable item level radio frequency identity (RFID) tags, flexible solar cells, and cheap and disposable sensors.

The primary figure of merit for charge transport in organic semiconducting materials is the charge carrier mobility. A current target for an organic TFT is to achieve a mobility of...


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The authors would like to thank the following colleagues and collaborators for their valuable contributions to the chapter: Maxim Shkunov, David Sparrowe, Weimin Zhang, Steve Tierney, Clare Bailey, Warren Duffy, Kristijonas Genevicius, Joe Kline, Michael Chabinyc, Dean DeLongchamp, Eric Lin, Lee Richter, Alberto Salleo, Mike Toney, Patrick Brocorens, Wojciech Osikowicz, Jui-Fen Chang, Henning Sirringhaus, and Masayoshi Suzuki.


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