Materials and Novel Patterning Methods for Flexible Electronics

  • William S. Wong
  • Michael L. Chabinyc
  • Tse-Nga Ng
  • Alberto Salleo
Part of the Electronic Materials: Science & Technology book series (EMST, volume 11)


The materials considerations and print-processing techniques for fabricating electronic devices on flexible platforms are reviewed. Organic and inorganic semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals for thin-film transistor (TFT) fabrication are presented. Jet-printing techniques for both etch-mask patterning and deposition and patterning of solution-processable polymers will be highlighted. The characterization of low-temperature compatible materials will also be reviewed in regard to conditions that determine device stability and performance in polymeric and silicon-based devices. Finally, an overview of specific applications for organic and inorganic semiconductor devices in backplane, display, and image sensor arrays will be presented.


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The authors would like to acknowledge the many insights and assistance of experimental data provided by their colleagues and collaborators. The authors would particularly wish to recognize the contributions and efforts of the following colleagues from PARC: Robert A. Street, Rene Lujan, Steve Ready, Beverly Russo, Maryanne Rosenthal, Michael Young, Scott Limb, Sanjiv Sambandan, Jürgen Daniel, Ana-Claudia Arias, Eugene Chow, Vicki Aguilar, and William A. MacDonald of DuPont-Teijin Films. Research performed at PARC was partially supported by the Advanced Technology Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (contract #: 70NANB3H3029).


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  • Tse-Nga Ng
  • Alberto Salleo
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