Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells for Large-Area PV Fabrication on Flexible Substrates

  • C. Waldauf
  • G. Dennler
  • P. Schilinsky
  • C. J. Brabec
Part of the Electronic Materials: Science & Technology book series (EMST, volume 11)

Introduction and Motivation


Photovoltaics (PV) is the harvesting of energy from sunlight and conversion into electrical power. This technology is being increasingly recognized as one of the key components in our future global energy scenario. The limited resources of fossil fuel and the steadily increasing costs to supply fossil fuels to the market give a natural limit when renewable energies will begin to kick in as major energy suppliers. In addition, the detrimental long-term effects of CO2 and other emissions from burning fossil fuels into our atmosphere underscore the multiple benefits of developing renewable energy resources and commercializing them.

Certainly, PV technology is only one of many alternative renewable energies like wind, biomass, and water. Though all of these technologies are expected to give significant contributions to the world’s energy supply in the next century, PV has three key properties that make it unique:
  • it directly generates electricity...


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  • G. Dennler
  • P. Schilinsky
  • C. J. Brabec

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