Study of Nanowire Growth Mechanisms: VLS and Si Assisted

  • Hyun D. Park
  • S. M. Prokes
Part of the Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology book series (LNNST, volume 3)


In this chapter, we have examined several of our recent results on InAs nanowires that have implications to the vapor—liquid—solid (VLS) growth mechanism as well as the newly proposed Si-assisted growth mechanism. In summary, the study on the effect of oxygen during the nanowire growth showed the inhibiting effect of oxygen on the VLS growth mechanism. The results on the observation of size-dependent liquidus depression, more importantly, do not seem applicable on the results of Ti-catalyzed grown Si nanowires, but bring into question the validity of the vapor—solid—solid (VSS) growth mechanism in the Au-catalyzed grown GaAs and InAs nanowires. In the newly proposed nanowire growth mechanism, namely the Si-assisted mechanism using SiO x , a growth model is proposed based on the phase separation of SiO at higher temperature, which forms a stable SiO2 and reactive, nanometer-sized Si clusters. It is suggested that these clusters consequently serve as the nucleating/catalyst sites for the growth of InAs nanowires with the growth mechanism different from VLS, VSS, and OA.


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