Planning the edifice: structure of theories

  • Jean-Philippe Uzan
  • Bénédicte Leclercq
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Our commission now turns its attention to the three pillars that seem to give physics its structure: the speed of light c, the gravitational constant G, and Planck’s constant h. These are the fundamental constants in the most universal of our categories. In order to understand their exceptional roles, we need to spend a little time on their evolution within the history of discovery and progress in physics. This will lead us to an inventory of the edifice of physics, which we will use to reveal its weak spots, where cracks might appear if constants are not as constant as they seem. Let us now examine our knowledge of the evolution of physics!


Interference Pattern Inertial Frame Black Body Newtonian Mechanic Grand Unify Theory 
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  • Jean-Philippe Uzan
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  • Bénédicte Leclercq
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