Kei Takeuchi (1933–) was born in Tokyo, Japan, and graduated in 1956 from the University of Tokyo. He received a Ph.D. in economics in 1966 (Kei-zaigaku Hakushi) and his research interests include mathematical statistics, econometrics, global environmental problems, history of civilization, and Japanese economy. He is the author of many books on mathematics, statistics, and the impacts of science and technology on society. His 1976 paper, although obscure and in Japanese, is important as it gives the general result from Kullback–Leibler information, now called TIC in honor of his name. He is currently a professor on the Faculty of International Studies at MeijiGakuin University and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo.

I will provide a brief summary of some of the main issues. The remarks below are written from a science perspective because that is what model based inference is about. I wrote this text for others interested in good science strategies and effective methods and the important concept of evidence. Application of the information-theoretic approaches are very broad and potentially useful over a very wide range of science and nonscience applications.


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