Other parts of the spectrum, decoding the data and forming pictures

  • Monte Ross
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We initiated our search for extraterrestrial intelligence as soon as we developed the means to do so, and it expands in pace with technological development. Although it was dispiriting not to have had an immediate result, it is likely that we will continue our efforts as long as our civilization exists. However, civilization is a fragile thing. It is possible, if unlikely, that we will be wiped out like the dinosaurs. A more likely scenario is that warfare, pandemics, pestilence or climate change causes civilization to fall into a new ‘dark age’ which lasts for hundreds of years. But if we are able to avoid such dangers, the search will continue, perhaps in fits and starts, until success is achieved. Other issues that may play a role in a successful SETI program include other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, receiving stations off Earth, recovering the information in the pulse train, forming and interpreting pictures from such data, and methods that will resolve the transmitter/receiver directionality issue.


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