And When We’re Back on the Moon, What Next?...

The Role of a Future Moonbase
  • David G. Schrunk
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The promise of the’ spacefaring Age’ — the era of human activities in space — is that it will link the technological expertise of the people of the Earth to the unlimited resources of space. With this linkage established, we shall have access to an abundance of energy and material resources from space; we shall explore the Solar System in person, not just by the use of robotic probes; human settlements will be established on various planets and their moons; and, ultimately, voyages to the stars will be undertaken. Of significance, the present “only one Earth” or “closed Earth” mindset, in which the perceived need is to preserve Earth’s environment and halt the depletion of its resources, will be replaced by a much grander “open space” vision of broad-scale human advancement. This will be based on gaining access to unlimited resources and utilizing them to open a great new frontier — in short to make the Solar System our back yard.


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