The Fifth Decade: 2001–2006

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STS-98 had been rolled to the launch pad on 3 January 2001, but after concerns were raised over the integrity of SRB cables, it was taken back to the VAB 19 January (the original day of launch). A series of 36 “wiggle tests” were completed on the cables before they were cleared for the new launch date of 7 February. The vehicle was back on the pad by 26 January. After docking with ISS on FD 3 at the PMA-3 location on Unity, the hatches were opened for the initial transfer of logistics to the station. During four hours of joint operations with the ISS-1 crew, the Shuttle crew transferred three 45.4 litre water bags, a spare Zvezda computer, cables for powering up Destiny, personal gifts for the crew from their families, fresh food and new movies. Atlantis remained docked with ISS for 165 hours, with the hatches opened for a total of 63 hours during that time.


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