Radiation Oncology

  • David Jaffray
  • Jeffrey Siewerdsen
  • Mary Gospodarowicz

Radiation and surgical oncology share the common drive for localized intervention and minimal side-effects. These two disciplines are converging in their search for minimally invasive approaches to achieve this objective. New techniques have recently been developed to localize and characterize oncologic targets, and as target localization techniques and treatment approaches have become more precise, the planning and guidance tools for radiation oncology and surgical therapies have converged. Imaging also provides the opportunity to provide feedback relating to the progress of the treatment to the oncologist. This chapter discusses the nature of the cancer intervention philosophy, reviews technological advances in the use of imaging to guide radiation therapy, highlights the potential for fusion of therapies (i.e., surgery and radiation) through the use of image-guidance, and identifies trends for integration of image-guidance approaches in the community.


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