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Having built and equipped the observatory it was, of course, my pride and joy, but I did not expect it to generate much interest with the general public: I was wrong. After completion the first parcel delivery I had was from Omega and the Rastafarian driver was hooked. I had a very enjoyable 10 minutes showing him around. The next day the chimney sweep and his son arrived, and it so happens that they are space nuts, so there is another tour. E-mails started to arrive from people wishing to have a look. One was “out of the blue” from a Polish man, Stefan Zietara, who runs an astronomy column for the estate where he lives and has become a firm friend. My surgeon brought his young children. I have always had keen sight, but young eyes see so much more than those that have been around a while. Jupiter is the target that really brings this home to you. Many parents ask to bring their children, but in a few cases I think the youngsters (and parents, too, maybe) are more interested in the indoor carp pool and the fully landscaped model railway in the attic! (Yes, the pool and the railway are over-the-top as well).


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