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Stargate 4173 at Grimaldi Tower

Through the SBIG camera users group I have, from time-to-time, made suggestions to people wishing for views about different styles of observatories. In particular, I became involved with Bob Antol in discussing the plans he had for a grand observatory north of New York. It was to be the Grimaldi Observatory, named after his prize cat. Now, my wife has cats and one of them, Monty, a big male kitten, has a bad habit of running up your leg. Fresh off the tennis court, in shorts, he carried out this act on me—ouch! He also has the habit of walking across the keyboard while an image is downloading. My observatory would not be named after a cat! One of the joys of astronomy is the manner in which participants pull together in helping one another, and it was a pleasure to give Bob some of the pros and cons of building the Crendon Observatory.


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