Chemosensitive Neuronal Network Organization in the Ventral Medulla Analyzed by Dynamic Voltage-Imaging

  • Yasumasa Okada
  • Shun-ichi Kuwana
  • Haruko Masumiya
  • Naofumi Kimura
  • Zibin Chen
  • Yoshitaka Oku
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 605)

Central chemosensitivity is critically important to maintain homeostasis. We have successfully applied a voltage-imaging technique to medullary slice and isolated brainstem-spinal cord preparations and analyzed chemosensitive neuronal network organization in the rat ventral medulla. Our results indicate that neurons in the superficial ventral medullary chemosensitive regions and deeply located medullary respiratory neuronal network are interconnected. We propose a neuronal network organization model for central chemoreceptors.


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  • Yasumasa Okada
  • Shun-ichi Kuwana
  • Haruko Masumiya
  • Naofumi Kimura
  • Zibin Chen
  • Yoshitaka Oku

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