• Andrea Cauduro
  • Andrea Di Nicola
  • Marco Lombardi
  • Paolo Ruspini


“I'll tell you something: between an exploited girl and a ‘free’ one, I choose the exploited one. Because a girl who's being exploited has to give money to her pimp, otherwise she'll be beaten. The others, when they've earned enough they stop working. The exploited ones no: even they don't want to work, they have to stay there and if they don't pay the pimp they're beaten […] If you think about it, you notice it is more a help than anything else. We all know they're exploited, so it's better to go with them, otherwise they'll be slaughtered!”

These two tough excerpts from interviews with clients of foreign prostitution stress the core point of this work: There seems to be a different view, a different logic that moves these men in their search for commercial sex. This is the focus of the discussion and the main reason for this volume. We have attempted to study the phenomenon of trafficking from a different and innovative perspective: the demand.


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  • Andrea Cauduro
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  • Andrea Di Nicola
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  • Marco Lombardi
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  • Paolo Ruspini
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  1. 1.TranscrimeJoint Research Centre on Transnational Crime University of Trento/Catholic University of MilanItaly
  2. 2.Faculty of LawUniversity of Trento; Transcrime, Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime, University of Trento/Catholic University of MilanItaly
  3. 3.Faculty of HumanitiesCatholic University of MilanItaly
  4. 4.University of LuganoSwitzerland

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