Intracellular Calcium Waves Transmit Synaptic Information to the Nucleus in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons

  • Mark F. Yeckel
  • Amanda A. Sleeper
  • John S. Fitzpatrick
  • Daniel N. Hertle
  • Anna M. Hagenston
  • Robin T. Garner


Ca2+ waves provide a spatially and temporally unique intracellular signal that carries information from one region of the neuron to another. Despite the computational potential of such a mechanism, relatively little is known about the consequences of Ca2+ waves on neuronal function. In this chapter we review the basic properties of internal Ca2+ release and Ca2+ waves in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons and how synaptically elicited Ca2+ waves influence the transcription factor CREB in an age-dependent manner.


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  • Mark F. Yeckel
  • Amanda A. Sleeper
  • John S. Fitzpatrick
  • Daniel N. Hertle
  • Anna M. Hagenston
  • Robin T. Garner

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