Critical Issues in the Commercialization of DMFC and Role of Membranes

  • Hyuk Chang
  • Haekyoung Kim
  • Yeong Suk Choi
  • Wonmok Lee


Mobile telecommunication devices in the next generation require a new concept of quick charging and a long-lasting mobile energy source. The direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is becoming attractive, but there are critical issues involved in its commercialization with regard to the core technologies of catalyst, membrane, membrane electrode assembly (MEA), stack, and system. More importantly, the main role of the proton-conducting membrane is enhancing the energy and power density and affecting the other components in DMFC systems. Functions, current status, and technical approaches are discussed in terms of protonic conductivity, methanol permeability, water permeability, life cycle, and processing cost as well as interaction with other compartments. Materials such as perfluorinated and partially fluorinated membranes, hydrocarbon membranes, composite membranes, and other modified ionomers have been studied in connection with technology roadmap of membrane and mobile DMFC systems. These would explain the critical issues of DMFC and the role of membranes for commercialization.


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