Pediatric Ophthalmology

  • Edward L. Raab

Efforts that lower the physician’s risk also usually result in better patient care. Limiting risk exposure is to a considerable extent a common sense endeavor, the main thrust being to apply, as physicians typically do on a daily basis, the principles of best practice.

Pediatric ophthalmology is characterized by the necessity to make crucial decisions and take actions intended to serve the young patient for a lifetime. Liability for inappropriate practice can in some instances be imposed 20 or more years beyond the event, and the damages could be monumental.

This chapter details several situations in pediatric ophthalmology that if approached improperly could expose the physician to liability. Some aspects of the discussion extend to ophthalmologic practice beyond the care of children. While not to be taken as legal advice, appropriate avoidance measures will be suggested. Note: even though in any of these settings your status as an employee may shift the obligation of payment of a judgment elsewhere, you will nevertheless be cited in the National Practitioner Data Bank.


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