Minimally invasive and advanced ambulatory procedures

  • Shireen Ahmad


Recent advancements in surgical techniques have resulted in shorter, lessinvasive procedures, and newer anesthetic agents have facilitated rapid recovery with fewer adverse side effects. These improvements have resulted in a tremendous increase in the scope and extent of surgical procedures performed on an ambulatory basis in the last two decades. In addition, patients are better informed and are beginning to play an active role in their health care decisions and are demanding the type of highly efficient, streamlined care commonly associated with ambulatory facilities. Initially, only the less complex procedures were performed as ambulatory surgery, but the excellent safety record of ambulatory anesthesia has prompted surgeons to widen the range of procedures being conducted in ambulatory facilities (Box 2-1). This chapter will highlight surgical procedures not traditionally considered as ambulatory surgery and familiarize anesthesiologists with both the surgical and anesthesia considerations that will help promote and work toward safe clinical management for same-day discharge.


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