Overview of Randomized Trials of Systemic Adjuvant Therapy

  • Peter M. Ravdin
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Since the first edition of this text adjuvant therapy for early stage breast cancer has changed in several important ways.

Several trials have further elucidated the impact of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer. Several trials have confirmed the promise of aromatase inhibitors for adjuvant endocrine therapy. A new targeted therapy, trastuzumab, has been shown to be highly effective as part of adjuvant therapy for HER2-positive breast cancer.An updated meta-analysis of the benefits of adjuvant therapy of breast cancer has appeared.

Because of these advances adjuvant therapy options available to women today are quite different than those of just 5 years ago.

The purpose of this chapter is to review where our current therapy options have succeeded and where adjuvant therapy options have limited effectiveness or other associated problems. As a starting point we will review the results of the most recently published EBCCTG meta-analysis.


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