Diagnosis and Management of Acute Rhinosinusitis

  • Karen A. Kölln
  • Brent A. Senior

Acute rhinosinusitis is a major health concern in the United States; and patients are cared for by a diverse group of physicians and physician extenders whose specialties range from internal medicine and family practice to pulmonology, immunology, pediatrics, and otolaryngology. The wide variety among treating health care professionals makes standardization of the diagnosis a challenge. The aim of this chapter is to review the definition and diagnosis of acute rhinosinusitis in adults and to discuss the associated controversies.


In 1997 the Rhinosinusitis Task Force published the first definitions and guidelines for the diagnosis of rhinosinusitis in the otolaryngological literature. In general, rhinosinusitis was defined as a manifestation of an inflammatory response involving the mucous membranes of the sinonasal cavities with or without involvement of the underlying bone. As such, it manifests with symptoms and physical findings over a particular timeframe. To establish a...


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