A Low-Cost, Compact Planar Integrated-Circuit Tunable Multi-Pulse Transmitter for UWB Radar and Communication Systems

  • Jeongwoo Han
  • Rui Xu
  • Cam Nguyen

Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar and communication systems are attractive for various applications, such as pavement assessment, bridge-deck inspection, geophysical explorations, collision avoidance, fluid level sensing, detection and classification of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and land-mines, and short-range in-building communications [1]-[9]

In UWB systems, transmitters capable of generating multiple pulses with various durations are very desirable. Pulses of wide duration contain large low-frequency components, enabling the pulse signals to propagate deeply into a medium because of the relatively low propagation loss of their low-frequency components. Pulses of shorter duration, on the other hand, have wider frequency bandwidth, making feasible higher range resolution. A tunable multipulse transmitter would therefore have both the advantages of increased penetration (or range) and fine range resolution for UWB applications. Electronically tunable pulse generators are also desired for measurement equipment. The polarimetric video impulse radar described in [7]-[8] is a good example showing the usefulness of the pulse’s tuning capability. Pulse generators with tunable step-functions and impulses have been reported [10]-[12]. Recently, tunable monocycle pulse generators have also been developed [13]-[14]. Step-function, impulse and monocycle pulse are typical waveforms used in UWB systems. Step-function and impulse contain DC and large portion of low-frequency spectral components, which can not be transmitted through a practical antenna. Monocycle pulse, on the other hand, has no DC component and narrower bandwidth, facilitating its transmission using a practical antenna. Furthermore, using monocycle pulse facilitates the design of other components including antenna in the system. Monocycle pulses are thus typically preferred for UWB systems.


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  • Jeongwoo Han
    • 1
  • Rui Xu
    • 2
  • Cam Nguyen
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  1. 1.Danam Systems, Inc.South Korea
  2. 2.Texas A&M UniversityCollege StationUSA

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